lower the minimum weight limit for minor accounts

(Joshua van Nucleus) #1

this 45kg min. weight limit is a bummer in the minor accounts.

my son is 7 and hes half the limit… i expect alot of crying on the climbs :frowning:


it must be possible to filter out the accounts of legit minors on zwift and lower the limit just for them… i know that u “explore” this since april… so whats the deal …?!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I’m not sure it’s fair to say we are “exploring” that, however that feature will come once we can visually signify that a user is a minor, and make them ineligible for adult race leaderboards and adult segment leaderboards.   I’d want to say such a feature will be available in the next 1 or 2 releases, but I can’t promise that for sure. 

(Jim Libecco [BSquad]) #3

That would be good for my juniors as well.  I get that lying about weight is like saying no one is doping in pro cycling…

(T itanium Spine) #4

If a person has a free Zwift minor’s account, I think they should
Be able to ride at a weight less than 100 lbs.

(Theo Kolb (age 6)) #5

My son, six, had a bad accident on his IRL bike two years ago, which understandably has made him very reluctant to get back on one again.

However, after watching me zwift over the past year, he’s recently become very excited by the idea of zwifting as well.

He had his first go at it yesterday, and generally had a blast.  However, zwift’s minimum weight, 45kg, is more than twice his actual weight.  As a result he pedaled as hard as he could, but his in-game bike barely moved, which eventually frustrated him.

Please add my voice to the “lower minimums for smaller/younger riders” request.  It would mean a lot to our family!

Many thanks.

(Jacci Ziebert (D)) #6

I’m a tiny female and hoover around 100 lbs. So even 99 lbs may be too high for some adults.

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #7

Please fix this ASAP for Juniors.  

Some talented, lightweight juniors use this for a valuable training tool.  If they get destroyed in Zwift races or on the regular rides, it really makes them feel extremely discouraged and they don’t want to do it any more.  


(Rick Barbera [KRT]) #8

Trying to admin a jr race and this obviously impacts the results. Can this be set up for any of the free jr accounts tide to an adult accounts.

(Jeff Burke) #9

This would be a great help. I struggle to keep my 7yo focused on climbs. He’s only pushing 45-65 Watts. And is half the min weight. It means he climbs just like his dad in real life! :frowning:

(Magnus Tillquist | 13years | SZR (C)) #10

I’am under 45kg

Best Regards
Magnus Tillquist 

// Denmark

(Mirjam Tillquist | 9 years | DKZR) #11

I’am also under 45 kg

Best Regards
Mirjam Tillquist 

// Denmark

(Amy Levang [FEAR]) #12

My daughter is 5, well under 4’ and 45kg. Please lower to limits for junior accounts. Thank you.

(Daniel Lawrence WBR (B)) #13

Same here  three of my kids are under the 45kg and their interest wanes after 20 or 30 minutes because they arent able to react enough to other riders. Alternatively, In the group workouts they love it because they stay with everyone. 

(Kedar Joshi) #14

The weight and height parameters for minors should be different than adult accounts ( or paying accounts). Due to this change the w/kg is wrong. Can we please do something about it.

(James Krueger) #15

Yes, I found this thread due to the exactly same problem. My daughter now has a minor account (which is fantastic!), but she actually asked me at least 10 times during her last ride why everyone is riding so much faster than her.

She is 12 years old, averages 70-80 watts and weighs 31kg. The app gives her about 1,95 w/kg for 80kg when she really is doing more like 2,58 w/kg. That is really a big difference in the experience for her in relation to the other riders (which I believe is one of the key reasons why so many us enjoy Zwift so much!)…

If there is any way to make the app more accurate for light riders it would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you for an otherwise fantastic app which is getting better all the time!

(Pascal inAmsterdam) #16


Same story here. My 9 year old son trains with Zwift. He’s a national level racer but at 28kg only a little more than half the 45kg minimum weight. As a result his performance in Zwift frustratingly doesn’t at all reflect his real world performance. With an FTP over 110 his real world hill climbing is phenomenal, even by adult standards, but in Zwift he barely manages to even maintain forward motion up the steeper hills. He’d have far more fun with Zwift if he could keep up with the big guys as he does outdoors

Is there even any reason for a minimum Zwifting weight beyond the minimum realistic weight of a child able to ride a bicycle? 

Similarly is there also a minimum height used for calculating the aerodynamic resistance in the speed algorithm? 





(Harald van Nucleus) #17

minimum hight is 120cm … my son dropped swift due to minimum weight of 45kg

(Jason Cummings) #18

Please address this issue. My 62lb 9yr old is getting discouraged. 

(Simon Whitford INC) #19

my son also now has his account and is exploring his way around Zwift. loves the group rides most however he is 27kg and only lasting a few k’s into these rides then gives it away as he is dropped off the back of the bunch. Perhpas lower the weight limit in the kids accounts only is fine with us. Then also a kid looking avatar? Funnily enough he selected the grey hair colour, must like mine!


(Andre Hufschmid) #20

After all this is not a playground for 3 year olds. Anyways, it’s nice to see that the kids are interested in Sports and doing something for their health so i am sure Zwift will come up with a good solution. Until then, Ride on!