Low wattage


I experience low wattage with my setup. I cant barely have 60 watts average and 6mph. the restistance seems wavy. Im 5-11 and 180 pounds. usually when i ride outside im at 20kmh with no effort so i found it very unreasonable to have all the difficulties in the world to pass the 10kmh

any idea about the issue?

setup galaxy tab s9 and the kickr

thak you

Which Kickr is it? What do you see when you test it in the Wahoo Fitness app? Generally Zwift just trusts the power number provided by the trainer. If power looks low in the Wahoo Fitness app then you need to get support from Wahoo.

kickr core

ill take a look in the wahoo app

The Core should always be calibrated using the Wahoo Fitness app, not in Zwift. Check if the calibration process works for you.

i was doing a test without zwift and with the wahoo app and the resistance is wavy a lot

Calibrate the trainer using the Wahoo app and if it’s still not good, contact Wahoo support. If it won’t calibrate, contact Wahoo support.