Low Wattage During My Recent Race

Hi Guys,
I recently did a Crit City Mens Race, in the B category and experienced very low wattage readings. At first I didn’t know if it was because I was tired and these were the real readings, however, I have done some other sessions on the bike and have been achieving my fastest times and highest wattage pushed. My wattage shown was off pretty much during the whole race, where I seemed to be about 20 - 30W less than I normally hit during a race and the final average wattages was over 20W lower than my normal results.
I currently am using an Elite Turbo Trainer, with a mountain bike set up {It has worked perfectly in the past for a good 3 months}, I also have other family members who ride at a lower wattage about 100 - 150w lower than me using the trainer if that makes any difference. I wondered if any one else has expected this or knows why this may be occurring?

Hi @Izzy_NZ

Some things that comes to mind.

  • Trainer calibration.
  • Wheel tension
  • Time for a recovery week
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