Low cadence hills

Is there Zwift workout that will assist me to increase my hill climbing strength. I have done FTP builder several times which is great however I’m looking for a plan that replicates the low cadence of 50 to 70 rpm that I do on hills.
Any help appreciated

50-70rpm is quite low to be tackling long climbs. At this cadence you are relying on muscle strength rather than your cardiovascular system. Also sustained low cadence/ high torque pedalling will eventually ruin your knees.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have the ability to use low cadence. However it should be used in short doses (i just checked a steep IRL climb from last weekend, average 60rpm up 0.5 mile Streatley Hill). The leg strength for this could be achieved with off bike strength and mobility sessions that would be easier on the knees.

Have you thought about training to a higher cadence for climbing? Even getting up to 80rpm you should see a difference in muscle fatigue. If your gearing does not allow this then perhaps utilise the trainer difficulty slider.

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Martyn thank you so much for such a great reply. I wish I could. My problem I suppose is that I’m weak (I’m 66) and on long or steep climbs (ie 10% plus) I can’t get my cadence any higher. I even have a 34 cassette.
I’ll take your advice and look into leg strengthening exercises that I can do
Once again thank you