Love the new course!

(Andrew Williams) #1

Thumbs Up!


I wouldn’t change a thing except for the green jersey arch.  I’d put that at the end of the long bridge (the one before the plank one).  The present position is… hmmm, let’s just say it wouldn’t happen in real life without mass pileups.


Thank you for all your work,


Andrew Williams

(Kevin Morphet) #2

Fantastic work on the new course. Kinda makes the original one seem lame in comparison. I also love the fact that Watopia Island is huge! Super excited for what is coming.

Agree with the green jersey location being a bit ‘dangerous’.

Would love the 300, 200, 100 metre signs to come back.

Some of the tight corners and rollers make for some weird physics when done in a group.

Nicely done guys.

(David Yip) #3

I enjoy the new course as well.  Really like the first climb.  I’d like to see even longer climbs in future courses, but I do get that not everyone wants their ride to be a mountain stage.

This course seems to have a bit more oddities with the graphics showing as flat, but suddenly a short steep segment appears, almost like you’re cruising along then suddenly get stuck in tar.  This is being on a Kickr.  The first hill really feels spot on though in terms of the visual incline and relative difficulty compared to a real hill.  

(Dan Swatman) #4

yep agree with David some of the Kickr power syncs seems off for the small short dips.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Hi Andrew, actually the sprint arch is where you suggest once you go counter clockwise, which you will be able to do in the future.

(Andrew Williams) #6

I actually meant the paved bridge before this one.

(John Schwartz) #7

I will offer a dissenting opinion.  I preferred the old course.  I find the new one to be more focused on looking interesting, rather than providing the best experience on the trainer.

Specifically, I find the constant curves and switchbacks to be a bit dizzying, and they make me avoid looking at the screen during efforts.

With all the curves and the crossover, it’s harder to immediately know where I am on the loop, and since you can’t see as far up the road, it takes away some of the motivational cues of the previous course, where you could almost always see some landmarks a minute ahead to motivate you. This factor will change somewhat with increased familiarity, but it’s definitely the case that you just can’t see as far up the road most of the time.

The longer course also means a longer wait between jersey efforts, which dilutes the fun somewhat.  As mentioned above, the green jersey is definitely strange since you can’t even see it until you’re on top of it.

I recognize that the new course represents a lot of effort on the developers’ part and I don’t mean to be a bummer, but hopefully even negative feedback can be used in a constructive way.  I do like the giant cycling alien statues.

Ideally we would have a choice of islands/courses and then everybody would be happy!

(Kevin Morphet) #8


Having ridden the new course a bit more since my first comment above, I would agree with many of your observations. I still love the length. The number of ‘S’ bends in the final 3km or so does seem to be excessive. Hard to ride in a group.

The graphical dimensional anomalies are a bit much.

A work in progress.

Still find it addictive. Which, I suppose is the point.


(J O'Connor) #9

Someone else has articulated the nagging doubt I’ve got about the new course - I pretty much agree with John Schwartz, the profile and look of the course is good but the layout is a bit too clever for it’s own good I think - both in terms of the “flow” of the ride and also because it highlights any minor issues with the physics behind the riding experience.

The sprint is a bit odd, not a natural sprint type segment but the kom is good.

I think this is a course which might work better done the other way round.

(Lucio Peterle [ITA] WBR(B)) #10

Zwift is simple incredible! Today I spinned 2 hour of my muin…I have never spinned so much indoor! FUN! thanks