Lots of Riders Tonight

I tend to ride later in the night but the mobile app showed 11 people in game (Awesome!) so I decided to ride earlier than usual. There were lots of strong riders including Greg G doing his thing motoring around the island (he lapped me twice!) as well as a couple of riders pushing out huge, huge wattage in the sprints and a rider displaying impressive hill climbing power. Later on, Mike McCarthy joined the group, did a few laps, then proceeded to sprint up the Col d’Zwift. I’m serious, he literally sprinted up that climb and set an unreal Polka Dot Jersey time. I almost fell off my bike after watching his incredible feat.

If this is typical of the early to mid-evening crowd then I’ll be riding earlier.

Nice! We’re definitely noticing an up-tick in riders and, yeah, Mike’s a beast :slight_smile:

Heh Walter! I was doing 20min threshold intervals on that ride :-).

Lots of people on tonight too…probably 20 or so at one point…so many that the rider list scrolled past the bottom of my computer screen.

Google Mike McCarthy and you’ll understand the east of that run up Col d’Zwift!