Lost zwift progress after ending tour of Watopia stage 2

(Bassem Rezkalla) #1

Hey folks,

I am riding the tour of Watopia and last night after finishing stage 2, I received some unlocks (Specialized Allez bike) and a level upgrade (from level 4 to level 5), however when I ended the ride, my level remained the same and the new unlocked bike is unavailable. The ride shows as complete in Zwift and Strava … anyone saw this before? I submitted a zwift support ticket but it is almost 24 hours with no response.



(Ryan McLean) #2

Same issue, currently Level 8 and had progressed to midway to Level 9 but when I logged back on this morning all my XP hadn’t saved to my account. The activity is still present in my activities list and was uploaded to Strava. I hope it is fixed as I’m trying to work my way toward unlocking AdZ soon.