Lost Training Plan Progress [Nov 2022] [1.31]

Same here: Training plan disappeared after update, it’s like I never enrolled


Same here, lost 3 weeks progress of build me up plan

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Same for me - 8 workouts lost in the plan I am on. I had a patch update right before this happened, I think they have to recover it somehow. Test your code Zwift!

Since the last update of the game (1.31.0) released yesteday, i have lost some progress as well as the statistics and achivements releated to this training plan (FTP Builder).

I had finished week n°1 and i was at 1 activity to finish week n°2.

Thank you for your help on this.


Was in week 3 of Build Me Up. Just did the update and logged in - all progress wiped and I’ve been de-enrolled from the plan. Seriously not happy. Sort it out Zwift!

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Hey everyone, thanks for weighing in on this discussion. We’re looking into it as I write this.

I’ll update this thread as we make progress.


Same here, I have reenrolled and used the I’ve done this button to skip forward to where I was at but would really like my progress back…always something going wrong in zwift

Same here.

End of Week 4 of Build me up and after update everything is gone.

In companion app I can see the plan and next schedule. And on mobile app also. I can start it there and it works. On laptop (Windows) it is not working at all. Like there was no plan.

Will this be solved like quick? I really like the plan as it keeps you on pace. And I do not like to look into mobile phone for two hours.

Thank you



Same for me, prior plan is gone and enrolling is the only presented action. At least the last ride from two days ago is in activities but all six weeks of the beginner program progress is lost. Major bummer…

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Same for me. Week 6 of build me up. I must say, I’m really unhappy about this!

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ditto! Week 7 of half marathon builder. Thought I was going crazy, hope this can be reinstated. Had it set down to the race day perfectly!

Same here. All gone from both Windows PC and companion app on Android. 6 weeks into Build me up. Ruined mye day. Hope this is solved quickly.

Same here. Week 5 of build me up, gone.

Edit: it is back for me after closing and re-opening both PC app and mobile app.

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Still gone for me … 6 weeks of progress lost :frowning:

I’m devastated - was in week 9 of the Build Me Up program - will seriously consider leaving Zwift if they can’t recover these 26+ workouts. Surely, there must be a way–

Update - although the workouts and badges for completed training plans are nonexistent on the Zwift app on Mac and iphone companion app, they still display on the Zwift app on my iphone, so I’m hoping they can pull this together quickly.

I’d really like an answer and a fix to this too. If I have to restart the training plan as the ‘solution’ I don’t think I will. I started on a specific day so that it would have the due dates on specific days and would end right on time for my ‘event’. Restarting throws all that off.

Does Zwift not do Beta roll-outs and testing? Training is a core component of Zwift, and you’d think that checking how an update would change mid-plan participants would be something that is in the automated test suites.

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Same for me lost several weeks riding on Gravel Grinder

Same for me.

How do you even log a ticket? I tried their chat support but gave up after more than 20 minutes of “waiting for associate”.