Lost ride when closed zwift without internet connection

Hello, a few days ago I took part in the TDZ Stage 5. After the ride, I have also done a few more km to cool down. Unfortunately when i closed Zwift the internet connection was missing and something strange has happened. I have received the “TDZ Stage 5 complete” Email, but in the homepage of the game there is no tick mark on it and If i try to open the activity in the Feed, the page stays hanging.
This is the activity id on Zwift (not working): 735527025280165392
This is the event id on Zwiftpower: 1588326
Can you help me recover my activity?
If needed i have the .fit file.

Thank you

Hi Giovanni,

Please send us an email to support@zwift.com and we can help you out with that!

Ok, thank you. I will!