Lost gradient resistance after kickr core spindown

I did a spin down today on my kickr core for the first time in a while and afterwards I could not get a ride going to save my life. Initially I could not get over 50-70w. I joined a 1.7 w/kg pacer ride that I do every day and they just ran away. I ramped to 100+ rpm and still no power output (< 100w). Did multiple spin downs and repeated joining ride with same result. I was about to give up and decided to just start very slow on the rpm and go steady and I actually got going somehow (not sure what happened). But… there was absolutely no resistance (or lack thereof) on hills. It was like I was doing a workout in erg mode. I could just zoom right up the hills because it was very easy, no resistance added.

Please help, not sure what to do…

My setup:

Apple TV 4K using Zwift companion app
Wahoo kickr core

  • Power cycle everything.
  • Connect the Core to the Wahoo App only.
  • Check firmware is up to date. Perform a spindown with the Wahoo app.
  • Load up Zwift on ATV and see if the issue persists.

Force close the Zwift app after each use.