Lost connectivity

I was doing a 52km Fondo last night and with 3kms to go I had a problem. Despite pedalling no watts were being displayed. Turbo trainer looked okay and everything seemed to be connected.

Gutted that I did not complete the event because of what happened. Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance.

Do about that ride? Do to prevent this in the future?

Care to share your setup details? (Host, Sensor connection type, etc.)

I was hoping that I might be able to get the ride recognised as completed as I was only 3km from the end, so it was a little disappointing.

I have a Tacx Flow that is connect to zwift iPad app via Bluetooth

To the best of my memory, Zwift is yet to award anything posthumously (the ride… :slight_smile:) - not to mention you did not actually complete the ride, so… :wink:

As for the sensor disconnect - just wondering what was the extant of the disconnect (trainer only, or all sensors) - though I have to admit I am iPad ignorant.

It’s fair. I didn’t finish. Just frustrating that I was 3km from the end. With regards to the disconnect, I was pedalling but this wasn’t shown on the device.

Sorry. Welcome to Zwift… :wink:

there’s always next month! :ride_on:

Were you using an HRM? Did it disconnects as well?

I don’t think there is anything to do for salvaging the ride
I always try to buy sensors, HRM etc that are dual channel… Ant+ and blue tooth.
I have been lucky.
If one fails, I have been able to switch to the other and salvage the ride but my time and position are shot.

I have had a similar problem 3-4 times the last few weeks, mostly in group rides. All the sudden the rider (me) pulls over and stops. I have the H3 Saris trainer and Garmin strap. I just hop off the trainer and unplug the power cable at the trainer, plug it back in and start pedaling and I start going again. This won’t help for a race if you are in the mix but may work to finish the event. It happened Saturday in the long climbing race near the end but at the point it did not alter my finish place, just lost a few seconds.
I did get booted out completely once the software prompted me to continue the interrupted ride and I selected yes, then my cartoon image went way up the air, over a canyon (like ET) and I was on my own riding. It was funny to watch and go huummm…
I only got a partial ride when I saved, but did not care since it was a group ride and I was doing an easy effort.
I thought it was the number of people using the product right now sine nothing else has changed.