Lost conection

I have problems with dropoff when i conect my bt to appel-tv, same problem when i trying with ant+. If the ”device conection”in Zc-app is on, cold that coas trobel when i paring my trainer on ant+ or appel-tv?? Should it be off??? I can ride about 15-20min, then the dropoff starts. On ”alp du zwift” it nearley always starts after ca 17min … If not, what cold it be then???

Which trainer do you have? It could be that your trainer is overheating, particularly if you have a Tacx Flow.

I have bought a new one, its a Tacx flux s.

// Niklas Nordensson

It’s suspicious that it always drops off at around the same time point. You could try pointing a fan at it and see if that makes a difference.

I bought this new one just to stop doing that! Do you mean that i nead a better trainer?? Witch one do you rekomend who can hold steady coection thro a hole race???

// Niklas Nordensson

I’m certainly not saying that it’s right that it’s doing that. I’m just trying to help you narrow down where the problem is.

You’re pairing your trainer directly to the Apple TV, right? Not through Zwift Companion?

I conect direkt to appel-tv. I have try tacx ant+ also. To my first question, when do i nead to pot on the ”device conection” in the companion app???

// Niklas Nordensson

The “device connection” bit is something best avoided unless you really need to use it. It’s a way of using your Zwift Companion device as a bridge for a device connection.

One example of where it can be useful with Apple TV is if you’ve got several Bluetooth devices to connect. Apple TV only supports three Bluetooth connections, and one of those is taken by the Apple TV remote. So that only leaves two for Zwift. For me (and I use Apple TV), I can still connect my trainer (cadence/power/controllable) as one BT connection and my HRM as the other. So I don’t need to use the ZC bridge.

But some people might want to connect a BT power meter as well, and if I did that then I’d have to put one of my connections through ZC.

So don’t worry about that device connection thing if you can connect everything directly to the Apple TV.

Also make sure that your Apple TV is as close as you can get it to your trainer to help ensure a good connection.

I have the ant+ or the Apple-tv just beside the trainer. I have red i zwift forum and tryed everything, watch youtube zwift tips mm and it the same problem…

// Niklas Nordensson

I thought Apple TV only worked with bluetooth? What is the ant+ receiver plugged into?

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I have tryed this: Ant+ whit pc, bt from pc, android app whit bt, appel phone whit bt, appel-tv . Same problem on every one.

// Niklas Nordensson

if you have log files from your PC, drop them into Zwiftalizer.com to see if you are getting signal issues or anything else. I’m leaning towards your trainer overheating maybe.