Lost all of my mileage


I was on zwift last night and started with1.5 km from km zero i had 179 on the clock for the week and now i only have 72kms is there issues with zwift

I had my weekly goal reset to zero as well. However, I hit my weekly goal and it showed on screen despite the app showing 40 km instead of 120.

There seem to be a bug affecting the weekly goal.
For me the (Android) companion app reports my weekly distance goal as: 90.2/150km (2 days left)
Even though my activity log lists (today = Saturday):

  • Friday: 44.1km
  • Thursday: 46.2km
  • Wednesday: 20.6km
  • Tuesday: 32.8km
  • Monday: 40.3km

ah cheers thought it was my laptop