Lost all my records after change of email address

I have subscribed the monthly membership since June this year, today I changed my email address, and all my records were lost, my garage gear lost. I am now treated as a new user and on a fee trial period.

Does anyone got the same problem? Do I have to subscribe the membership again, but how can I cancel the existing subscription?

Do you mean you just got a new email address (ie change from gmail to Hotmail or something like that) or you changed the email address in your profile within Zwift?

If the former, just log in to Zwift with your old email address and password. If the later, and when you sign in with your new email address and current Zwift password but data is no longer their Iā€™d suggest contact Zwift support giving them your original email (for your Zwift account) and your current one and they should be able to sort it out.

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Hi. I changed my email address in my profile. When I logged in by using the new email, found all the records were lost, even my stuff in the garage, my status is like a new member with 25km trial. I tried to changed my email back to the original one, status remains a new member.

Have contacted Zwift support, hope they can sort it out.