Losing ZML connection during ride messes up trainer once reconnected

Twice now, I’ve accidentally lost connection between ZML (iPhone 8) and my trainer (Kickr Snap). I was able to reconnect (my rider just stopped pedaling and once it reconnected, I could just pick up riding where I stopped). Everything is fine for a bit and then, eventually, the braking on my trainer seems to stop responding and I can’t change my watts.

Happened during a solo ride last week. I logged into my a/c unit app to turn the damn heat off, which I guess booted my ZML connection and my girl quit riding. I reconnected and continued, but later I was headed up the hill near the end of Figure 8 and was just going nowhere regardless of how fast I spun or what gear I was in.

Then yesterday, I was doing the Fondo group workout, was trying to text my husband to bring me more water :slight_smile: and accidentally locked my phone, which stopped my rider. I got back on and caught up to the group (which is awesome), but then a few minutes later, it bumped up to 170 watts for the threshold interval and I couldn’t get out of the rest interval watts, even in my hardest gear. 

Seems like even though I can reconnect in these instances, the signal to the trainer to respond to either the terrain or the ERG instructions doesn’t reconnect. 

I know this may be an SOL thing and just know not to mess with my phone if I care deeply about finishing a ride, but maybe it’s something that could be fixed someday?