Losing speed after 4-5ks

Hi Zwifters

For the last few Zwift rides I’m finding that after 4 or 5 ks my speed isn’t matching up with my watts. I’m hitting 250-300 w up a Zwift incline that I’ve done many times before ,knowing I should be sitting mid 20k’s, and Zwift has me going 8-9 kph ! As mentioned it only started a few weeks ago.

I also notice no resistance from my trainer ( wahoo kickr early vs 1). I stop and save the ride, re  calibrate again , and it normally takes 2 - 3 rides of 4-5 ks ( stopping,saving and re starting again ) till it comes good.

Any ideas ?



The link below maybe of help.


Hey Pizza, were you able to troubleshoot using the link P Mac provided? 

Hi Vincent.

To be honest mate the bike has been out on road rides all week and haven’t hit Zwift. I’ll probably have a belt out in the next few days. I’m sure that nothing has changed in my settings mate so I’m still not sure whats happening. The problem is my power and speed are perfect for 4-5ks then all of a sudden there is a drop in my speed. It always takes 3 goes before it works properly ! I’ll give it another try and get back to you.




Thanks Pizza, update us whenever you’re comfortable.