Losing motivation

(Guillaume Dougados) #1

At first it thought it was cool. Besides beta issues and that’s why there is a beta, it works pretty good overall but I’m already tired of riding around the same loop like a lion in a cage.

I see people doing 20+ laps, hours on the trainer, I can’t do it. 3 laps and I’m bored already. To participate in beta I stopped training with TrainerRoad and found I got lazy. While with TR I was riding 4 times a week, now I have to drag myself to ride on Zwift a couple times a week. With TR I watch movies and I was always excited to watch the next one. I don’t have a lot of time and certainly don’t have time to both train and watch movies but I can do both at once with TR.

I also miss the structured workout. With TR I knew I was training with a purpose, I had a training program with targeted interval workouts. Zwift tries to reproduce the “real world” riding with some success but I feel I’d rather have targeted workouts when on the trainer and real world riding, well, outside. I least I know I’m training to improve climbing or my VO2 Max or decrease recovery time, while on Zwift I’m just riding for riding and feel I’m not getting as much benefit from my time on the trainer than I did with TrainerRoad.

I think for Zwift to be successful we need an endless loop, maybe even the precise virtualization of real world roads, like climbing the Mont Ventoux, l’Alpe d’Huez or Mount Washington for example.

Anybody feels similar?

(Brian Hill) #2

Right there with you. Eagerly awaiting the next update hoping for a new track or perhaps the training mode? Got back on the trainerroad horse this morning and streamed some Netflix while working through the SS Base routine. Much better…

(Craig Scarberry) #3

Agree 100%. Structured training options are necessary for the success of this concept.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #4

I can’t really say I’m losing motivation but I’m definitely not just riding Zwift. I’m still in a training phase where I’m doing miles at endurance pace. Zwift works well for that, as well as some simple intervals like cadence drills, etc. When I am scheduled for more structured workouts I do use Zwift and TrainerRoad together with the dual ANT+ dongle solution. It works well.

(Douglas Portz) #5

I alternate between bkool, VirtualTrainer and Zwift, to get variety and do different routes. I was very excited yesterday when I found the island route was reversed, since it was a nice change of pace.

I totally understand the current process here in beta, and have no problem with a bit of repetition on a single route, but will be happy to see more variety as the app moves closer to live status.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #6

@Dickson I’m not using a Kickr or TrainerRelay. I have a KK RoadMachine and the bike has a Power2Max PM on it. I follow this sequence, more-or-less:

  • Fire up Zwift and minimize
  • Fire up TrainerRoad
  • Select TR workout
  • Put TR in Horizontal mode
  • Maximize Zwift
  • Resize Zwift and reposition TR windows for best view.
  • Ride.

That’s about it. The hardest part about it is jiggering the windows around to get the best view of both apps.

(Nicklas Nille Johansson 54) #7

i use a kurt machine to,but virtual power does it work with two ant+ dongles for both TR and Zwift on the same laptop?

(Bryan Chen) #8

Just as a datapoint. I started using TR + Zwift setup with two ANT+ dongles (with a KICKR). It’s so awesome, I spent over 2.5hrs (to be fair it was a 2.5hr TR workout) the other day on the trainer. Most I’ve ever done indoors at once.

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #9

I’ve actually used my iPhone with the Trainerroad app to control the KICKR while in Zwift. This works quite well and doesn’t require two ANT+ dongles.

(Jon Mayfield) #10

We hear ya. Truth be told I think we were a little surprised by how well word spread and we’ve been playing catch up ever since. We totally knew that we wouldn’t have all the features people want just yet, but we figured we’d have a go at it anyway and see what the feedback was.

This year we’ve got a whole lineup of very interesting enhancements coming, and while we may not be your go-to ride in the summer I’m positive we’ll have reasons for you to spend at least some of your ride time on Zwift over the rest of this year.

I myself will ride more once we (or I) have a working workout mode to use, and I know lots of people who are just itching for official events. None of this stuff can come soon enough, and we’re doing what we can.

All feedback, positive or negative, helps shape what we’re building, and we appreciate it.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #11

Jon - I can only second what Dickson said. I’ve felt very fortunate to have been a beta tester and Zwift actually is my go-to training platform, and has been for a couple of months now, I just have to “supplement” it occasionally if I’m doing something that needs more structure than Zwift currently provides.

I think the most telling thing I can say is this: I live in North Carolina. Cold winter days are normally in the 40s, and days in the 50s are usually pretty easy to come by. I can, and do, ride outside year-round. Since Zwift, I find myself looking at temperatures below the mid fifties and thinking “Meh. It’s warm and sunny on Zwift Island.”

Last but not least, I can only believe the fact that word spread so fast is a sign of how much the vast majority of people who’ve had the opportunity to use the software have liked it. If most of the other beta testers are like me, they are telling everyone who will listen how awesome it is. I know of at least 3 other beta testers that have accounts now because they heard me jabber about it so much they requested beta invites themselves.

Anyway, thanks for the the beta invite and the awesome software. I for one find it VERY useful now and I’m looking forward to watching it evolve.

(Joe Gerbrick (Gettysburg, PA)) #12

I find it hard to believe there are so many folks whining about being bored. Everyone knew what they were into when they signed up. The Zwift Team has done a great job bringing this project along. In my limited experience, Zwift is a viable alternative to spinning on the trainer with snow on the ground in the winter. I consider participation in this beta a privilege, not a right. No one has an investment other than the Zwift Team. If the hammerheads out there need more motivation, they should put on their winter kits and go outside. If I were on the Zwift Team I would pull the plug on those who have no constructive contributions.

(Robert Sojka) #13

I for one don’t mind the lack of structured training and enjoy just competing with whoever I’m riding along side of. This has been exactly what I’m looking for. I agree need more “world” but assume this will come in time. Very appreciative to be on the beta list.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #14

Thanks Jon for just putting it out there. You guys are probably a little overwhelmed by all the feedback.

Robert: I’m with you. I love that I can log on whenever, troll for a lap or two and jump on with another rider or group and challenge each other. I especially like the international thing.

(Omar Tejada (GFNY/RAPHA)) #15

Interesting not sure Im in the same boat. When i need to do interval work im off ZWIFT as there is no flat road/endless loop option. When i dont need interval work and just need to spin or get miles in then im on zwift. That brings me to zwift about 3 times a week depending on weather. With winter being as harsh as its been this year its gone up to almost 4-5 times a week.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #16

There definitely needs to be more course variety, documentation, and a whole lot of UI polish done before the program is ready for primetime IMO. And yes, I find the same limitation as far as ‘training’ vs. riding on Zwift. What I’ve been doing is using ErgVideos for training purposes, and doing Zwift rides on in between days. The appeal of Zwift is in the interactive riding with others - the downside is that structured training isn’t configured for you and it’s easy to deviate from plan.

RE Mont Ventoux, etc., I think you’d find that gets old quick on a trainer, at least a resistance controlled one (try l’Alpe d’Huez on Computrainer for example). I find rolling courses, with more gradual grade changes to be the best courses on a trainer (Iceman Cometh on Computrainer for example). Plus, extended climbing on a resistance controlled trainer can burn out the resistance unit.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #17

As a counterpoint. I use 2 ant+ sensors and have run TrainerRoad and Zwift at the same time. I can setup a structured workout on TrainerRoad but still get the distraction of the 3d Zwift environment. I have participated in very long (metric and full century) group rides in both January and February as well as a ‘race’ event this past week. I have never ridden so many miles in the winter months on an indoor trainer - before Zwift came along I would NEVER consider being on my trainer for more than 90 minutes. I am looking forward to the new features and improvements that are sure to come.

(Francisco Zapata) #18

I feel just exactly this way too !!!

(Allan Watkins) #19

Same here, on easier rides this is me:

Workout mode will definitely help a lot, for now I have my phone on a little instrument tray along with extra water / etc… and adjust my kickr resistance with that.

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #20

Trainer Road rides have never been so easy to get through before I started riding them on Zwift Island. I let TR take care of my kicker and run Zwift off my quarq.