'losing' gears on Stages SB20 on every incline

I’m riding a Stages SB20 via bluetooth to an ipad Air. Also connected is a Garmin HRM.

For the past week, on every ride, anytime the gradient changes to incline, no matter how small, I lose my gears, have to exit to device manager in the StagesLink app and reconnect. If i stay seated and apply no extra pedal pressure I can stay connected, but as soon as i get off teh seat, change gears or apply extra effort, I lose the gears, watts go to zero and I don’t move till I reconnect. On some climbs, such as the hill on the Innsbruck its happened 4-5 times and every timne on the small rollers on the TDZ Stage 5. Any suggestions welcome.

Fellow SB 20 user here. You should go to Zwiftalizer and drop you log file there and see what is causing the dropouts. Could be network or bluetooth but the ZA will help figure it out.

Thank you. Will check that out.

The file is a .fit file, but Zwiftalizer takes .TXT files and I cant work out how to convert it…

It takes your log file (log.txt) or any iteration of it that you have stored on your \documents\zwift\logs - find the one date/timestamped relevant to a failed ride.

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Zwiftalizer tells you what the name of the file is in the box where you drop it. Click in the box and you can search for the file. There is a folder called Zwift in the documents section. In there is a folder called logs.

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