Loosing connection ant+ / garmin magnet less sensors /power meter

Had problem with loosing connection before , try find issue

I was cycling for one minute and ant+ loosing cadence / power meter to , game stopped for one up to 10 sek and , sensors reconnect again - big mess :frowning:

check hardware - laptop win 8,1
sensors / garmin new magnet less / power meter stage
set up laptop 1,2 m from rollers - dont help

today bought extender for usb 3 meter long , connect ant+ receiver and drop him under the rollers - working perfect 17 min not one issue .

so for 2.65 have a main problem fix … try

Try reinstalling ANT+ drivers.

Interesting! I have been having the same problem. Will try getting one of these extension cables. For others reading this there is a similar (but longer) thread here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/communities/public/questions/201336705-Tip-quick-way-to-improve-ANT-connectivity-issues-