Looking to join Zwift, will my set up work?

Hi All, 

I am getting the Elemnt BOLT bundle pack shortly (Head unit, Speed, Cadence and HR) and need to get a few miles back in my legs, especially during the coming winter months. 

I have a turbo trainer but not a “smart” trainer - Elite Novo Force, which I got a couple of years ago now but it still works perfectly fine. 

Would I be able to set myself up with Zwift, using the Speed, Cadence and HR monitors associated with the Elemnt BOLT and use Zwift to get more out of my training? 

Thanks in advance! 


You don’t need the Bolt to get Zwift working, but you can use injunction with it if you choose.

Your trainer is supported as a classic trainer: https://zwift.com/hardware/

What device are you going to run Zwift on? PC, MAC, or iOS device?

Does the S/C broadcast in both ANT+ and BLE? I know the Wahoo Tickr does, but I think some of the older Wahoo S/C are just broadcast in either BLE or ANT+ and not both.

You may need a ANT+ dongle depending on the device you use to run Zwift.

The current (and recent) generation of Wahoo bike sensors will work with any Zwift configuration – Bluetooth for Apple devices (iOS or Mac) and ANT+ for PC and Mac. For a PC you can use an ANT+ dongle like the one Zwift offers. Zwift has more here.


Can you explain what you mean by injunction with regard to using the Bolt?  



I meant “in conjunction with”, but I think you knew that already.