Looking for a more relaxed training on the weekend


I am doing a training plan that requires 2 sessions a week. On a Saturday and Sunday, I enjoy doing some extra work. Till now I went into swift and looked for 1-hour sessions. I can always finish them but I find it hard to do 2 of those 2 days in a row.
I have reviewed some forum discussions and saw the suggestion to do some Z2 sessions. I use whatsonzwift website to find sessions when I log in Zwift and there I find it hard to find these sessions.

2 questions:

  • are Z2 session good for doing some work but keeping you in such a state that the day after you can cycle as well?
  • if you find a good session on whatsonzwift website, how do you find them in Zwift?

Thank you!

Z2 is known as Endurance power zone.

You can find a few Endurance rides in Zwift. The best way to find them is to look them up on WhatsOn Zwift.com using keyword “Endurance” and looking at the workout “maps”. True endurance rides look more or less like this, pretty much all blue and flat on the chart.

You can easily create your own using built-in workout editor in Zwift. Endurance rides are quite boring, they involve either riding at the same power for a very long time, or sometimes small variations, like +/- 10 watts, to make the ride slightly less monotonous.

If you need just to rest, you may be better off riding in recovery zone (Z1) instead of endurance.