Longer Ascent (mountain spirit)

(Olivier Wtyklo (KISS) (B)) #1

Hello all,


I love Zwift and got addicted in a few minutes…

I wish there could be an alternative in Watopia or maybe a new route that offers a long ascent of > 200m of height elevation. That could be great for long efforts in mountain. Thanks a lot for your support

(Eric Min) #2

It’s not that far away! 

(Mark Duncombe) #3

Hi Oliver

next time you ride through the underwater part (Ocean Boulevard), look out for the construction signs in the section between the two tunnels for a teaser.

(Olivier Wtyklo (KISS) (B)) #4

Thanks, indeed I see the construction signs ! Do you think this new route is meant to be a mountain ascent ? 

(Mark Duncombe) #5

The construction signs says the Watopia mountain route is coming soon, so from that I would speculate its going to be an extension with more/bigger/longer climbs or some combination thereof.

Eric (Zwift CEO) says its coming soon in response to your original question, so my guess your wish will be fulfilled in the not too distant future.

(Olivier Wtyklo (KISS) (B)) #6

Perfect ! looking for the not too distant future :wink:

(sam bric) #7

Cooming soon… A lil bit specific would be nice:)

(John Clark USMES) #8

I saw some information that suggested that the climb will be miles (around 4.5) at an average of 6%.