Long sessions can damage smart trainers?


I was wondering whether long rides on smart trainers can damage it due to the heat produced? I’m planning a 100km ride. I’m using an elite suito.

Thanks and ride on!

I would hope the manufacturers have tested their products to the extreme to avoid anything like this.

I have never seen any guidance on how long you can use one for.

Not forgetting that different parts of the world are a lot hotter than others…

So I say, strap in and enjoy!

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I would tend to agree with Mat on this one.

Trainer manufacturers should certainly take this into account when building their products to allow them the same flexibility the cyclists have outdoors… i.e. if you are going for a long endurance ride… 50, 75, 100km. the trainer should allow this without adverse affects to their equipment due to heat buildup (or anything else for that matter).

While I’ve not gone a distance like this myself (though I hope to someday), I see plenty of zwifters cruising around me that have 50/75/100kms under their belts according to the stats in the HUD (though who can say what type of trainer they are riding). I would think if this is an issue, it would likely have come up in the forums by now.

Best case if you are concerned, I would suggest speaking with tech support for Elite and getting their thoughts and ask if there is some sort of guarantee in place should something bad happen mechanically.

Just a thought…

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Also agreeing with the guys above. If the trainer is designed to simulate a hill of 20%, then a 100km ride will be a walk in the park. Steady speed is probably the thing that the trainer can do for the longest time.

I don’t think the trainer will be happy if you do 5 hours @ 1000w going up 20%. But not many people can do that. :thinking:


GCN did a 24hr ride and Francis Cade did a double Everest recently that had him in the saddle 27hrs (3 hour break in middle).

Those would be low power efforts though. I am guessing that the 1000W efforts create much more wear and tear.

Thank you all for your helpful replies. I think it’s best to contact the manufacturer. Ride on and stay safe indoors throughout this hard times.

Cheers from Malaysia.