Long hair/braid or pony tail for women!

(Sil Cal) #1

I would like to be able to choose among long hair styles so it’s more clear we’re women avatars :slight_smile:

(Sherman Heydrich) #2

Agree.  What is the deal with this Zwift?  Women used to have a pony tail option.  Then in one update it was gone.  This request has been made repeatedly!  And repeatedly ignored.  Not like you have to CREATE something -just bring it back.

You give us guys about every possible haircut option but you have decided all women get the Zwift Chop.  Does anyone at Zwift even listen now you are not a small company anymore?

(Gravel Girl (AATC)) #3

it’s just a pony tail.  I have long hair and I’m blonde which Zwift has neither - First world problem.  But it would be cool if Zwift and Bitmoji would partner up!


(E ddy Slow) #4

I like pigtails. I’d like to see the ladies with pigtails.

(Cindy indy de Waal) #5

I have red curly long hair, we are a lot of females on Zwift, why do the men have allllllll the hairdos but us girls nothing :frowning:

(Sherman Heydrich) #6

I agree Cindy…Looks like guys have a crazy number of hair options but the women have about one  -The Franken-Cut. Little evidence anyone from Zwift is listening anymore.

(John Bergquist) #7

This is one of my wife’s issues with Zwift, too; as many pro female riders as there are, you’d think the developers would be paying more attention to the avatars.

(Karla Matute) #8

Guess zwift doesn’t support women, no options for female avatar

(Steve Ellis) #9

I’m in favor of more options for the avatars. 

By count, today, I see 7 hair options that are traditionally masculine, and 9 that are traditionally feminine. Or 8 and 8 if the FrankenCut is masculine. No long hair options.

(Teresa Deardorff (ZBR)) #10

PLEASE can you add hairstyles that are for women. This may seem like a small issue, but if I want to even resemble how I look, it would be nice to have some long hair!!!