Long Distance Filter Not Showing 60-120k Rides in Zwift Power Events Schedule

The “long distance” filter in the ZwiftPower events list is only showing rides that are over 120km and the 60km filter only shows between 30-60km. What about everything in between? Why are those rides no longer being shown with the filter? Having to look through 100’s of rides is annoying and time consuming… Hopefully this can be fixed soon, it never used to be this way. Thanks.

In the meantime, Zwifthacks Events filters do work and will give you that info.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Good call.

I don’t know if this has always been the case but it doesn’t make much sense.

I’ll get it raised with our team.


GMPlat-4203 for reference.

Thanks James, I appreciate your help. It wasn’t like this before, it used to show everything over 60km. This only changed recently.

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