London reverse orange jersey route?

What exactly is the route for getting the orange jersey on the London course if you go reverse (ie clockwise).  If done the basic loop over Fox hill as well as taking the left past the sprint banner but I never get the banner telling me my time for the orange jersey.  Is there a reverse orange jersey route?  What is it?

Going the normal route, always staying left seems to give you the leaderboard.  So I would have assumed just going in reverse would as well.  (yes, I’ve done the full loop staring under the “start” banner and finishing under the "start banner).

Hi Eric,  Currently there is no reverse orange jersey but you should get one as an award for the first person to officially ask about it :slight_smile:  

I thought I was onto a cunning wheeze when I did the reverse loop only to find I didn’t even get on a leaderboard nevermind a jersey!