London lacking in speed average

(Andrew Bonhomme) #1

 I have been riding Zwift reasonably often the past month or so and my usual power output is in the 200-220 Watts range and my speed average is always about 30-33 km/h. This is based on Watopia Island and a couple of rides at Richmond on both my Wahoo Kickr here at home and a fluid trainer away at work. 

Since London came online I am putting out the same power 200-220 Watts but I can’t seem to get my average above 28 km/h on both the kickr and my fluid trainer. I am starting and stopping at the same elevation so it isn’t like I’m finishing at the top of a hill which would keep it down. Any clues??

(Paul Allen) #2

It all depends on the route you take on either map and the amount of elevation gain. If you are going up Box Hill and down the other side your average speed is going to be less than if you did the same distance on a flat road.

When I do Watopia I can average about 21mph but when I do the London route I aver about 18.5mph.