Login screen rotaion is often wrong [Feb 2024] [1.53.2]

iPhone user.
When I launch Zwift, the rotation detection is wrong most of the time (2 of 3 times or more).
Please see the screenshot.
There is no clear pattern for this. Sometimes it happens when iPhone is in portrait, but it also happens in landscape.
I have to close Zwift and launch again, but it may happen again.
I really hate this…

Well being an Android and Windows PC user, what is shown in the photo is correct rotation

Maybe you should change ‘orientation lock’ option in control centre of your iphone.

I know, but no other app behaves like this. Only Zwift does. Zwift should improve.

I doubt it has anything to do with Zwift. Probably something with your phone.

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It maybe that Zwift is coded just to be in landscape, which would make sense, unlike portrait

Hi, @Yodaman_JP welcome to the Zwift Forums! I can notice how important it is for you to get your screen rotation properly while running the Zwift game on your iPhone device. The screenshot attached, which is really helpful to better reflect what you’re seeing, reflects that you’re on version 1.53.2. Please make sure your device is on the last game version 1.60.0 if available, to do so you can take a look at this article.