login problems

(Stephen Collins) #1

horrible experience so far

downloaded updated version for Mac, but it won’t let me login

says “check internet connection”

I have used wifi at home, my phone, etc.


it lets me in every now and then so not password

but then freezes and blows me out






(Herve Villechez) #2

having the same issue on Yosemite - did you get any support from the Zwift help desk on this matter?

(Simon Wise) #3

Same problem here. iPad mini 3 running iOS 10. Internet connection is fine but Zwift reports otherwise. 

Anyone received any support or a solution?

Extremely disappointed. Have been waiting for this for a long time on iPad.



(Sébastien Gatto) #4

Same problem on Mac OS. Got kicked out in the middle of a ride and I can’t get back in: “check internet connection”