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I’m using Zwift on IPAD - I never seem to be able to shut down the app. It’s always available without login. How do I logout
From the App using IPAD. ?

Hi Len and Welcome to the Forums,

I also use an iPad for Zwift. You need to ‘force quit’ the app, also known as doing a ‘hard close’ of Zwift, like for any other app on iPad or iPhone.

Essentially, that means swiping up from from the bottom of the screen, which gives you vignettes of all of the currently open apps, and then swiping up on the Zwift vignette to quit it.

[Edit: for some earlier models of iPad that have a home button, you might need to double-click on the home button in order to see the app vignettes. Google ‘force quit iPad apps’ to find video tutorials on this subject.]