logging on

(Mike Walker) #1

when I try to log on to Zwift on my phone it keeps coming up that my email and password are not correct. when I went on to my computer and try logging on it said update required and up came FreeOTP that I had to download. now i have this on my computer I can only log on if I create a password using FreeOTP.

at the moment I cannot log on to zwift via my phone it comes up with my name and email but when I press the arrow to start that’s where it stops, can you suggest how to over come this

(Paul Allen) #2

Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after your email address.

(Mike Walker) #3

tried that. in the end I  have deleted the function and everything works perfectly just as it did before the update and I was directed to add the FreeOTP function.


thanks for coming back to me

(Paul Allen) #4

I have never needed to use FreeOTP for Zwift and I don’t think I have heard of others needing it either.