Log file is 72 MB per hour because of Loading CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020 70 times a second

This line appears in my log file 750,000 times in one hour.

Loading bikes/Frames/CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020/Textures/CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020D.tga

It is the same on two computers, both running game client version 1.0.42125, one Windows 7 SP1, one Windows 10.

It doesn’t affect game performance, but my SSD is filling up quickly.

Do you ride the Super Six EVO?
What if you take another Bike?

Negative. I’m using the Trek Madone.

Yikes! That sounds … sub-optimal, I’ll have the team take a look ASAP.

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Here’s a log, in case it helps. Zips down to 342K, unzips to 40 MB. It’s not a big deal. Hopefully just something weird on my machine or account, although it is happening on my other machine as well.

(Attachment Log.zip is missing)

Hi Mike,

I just checked my .log files and my 2.5 hour ride has a file 3.75Mb. My shorter rides is in the 2.5Mb range.

But I also see the line of code you pointed out. But it is only in a block in the last 30 min.

[5:23:46] Loading bikes/Frames/CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020/Textures/CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020D.tga

Thanks @Mike_Hanney, we’ve isolated the issue and are working on a fix for the next release. Luckily it seems to only impact users with certain asset unlocks in game. Unluckily enough, you are one of those users. :frowning:

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In case this adds any value, I’ll send to support a sample log file, this one from November 2, which also has the line

Loading bikes/Frames/CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020/Textures/CannondaleSuperSixEVO2020D.tga

appearing on the order of 83 times in a second.

I think we are Lucky that it is @Mike_Hanney, if someone can pinpoint an issue like this then it is Mike.

I have the same problem and also in game screen freezes resulting in having to hard boot reset.
Hope you get the fix out soon and let me know if you want a log file