Lockups on ADZ?

Had two lockups on ADZ today - both times around 8km and 280m+ into the road to sky course.

macOS 12.6.4 on MacPro 5,1 with Xeon X5690, RX6600XT 8GB, 32GB ECC RAM 1333mhz and 2TB Samsung 870 EVO SSD - running 4K ultra on Zwift 1.33.6 on Zwift Metal App.

Symptom is Zwift freezes - along with connection lost message. Didn’t have this yesterday or previously. This is a dedicated Zwift computer.

I could hit escape and it would very slowly go to the feedback screen but nothing more. I went from steady 60fps to very low fps.

I managed to capture the rides from my Garmin recording, but the effort in Zwift is lost - plus I had to waste my time riding the jungle again to get to the second crash. :angry:

Any logs I can get? Computer was running normal- no overheating or anything.

Anything weird going on in Activity Monitor while this is happening?

I didn’t have it running at the time as I was trying to get a ride done in a small window of about 90 minutes.

I will have a look later in the activity monitor. As a check I ran Zwift again watching Dylan van B on Makuri and no problems, GPU max temp was 70ºC, CPU barely above 40ºC, It didn’t crash.

I chanced another ADZ effort - this time using ant+ stick (Garmin) instead of Bluetooth and had activity monitor running.

No obvious problems aside from my legs being cooked this time. I’m coasting downhill now.