Lobby registration system

Is there any way we could create a lobby system for things like crit races, short points races?
(For example)
There may be 30 spaces in the lobby and once 30 people signed up the race would start a couple minutes later. Once that race has stared a new race lobby opens up empty and same again.
I feel it would be to get races in on demand without waiting x amount of time for a particular start time.

I like this - Arcade racing mode! - If it catches on then maybe we’ll get that Watopia Velodrome…

Would be really cool if there was an easy way to jump onto a short TTT with random zwifters too. In fact I’d like to see a bit of team play in all races - it’s so important in real life that it’s a big shame it’s not something that’s easy to engage in on Zwift

Can we also have a way to like the first post in a thread rather than just on replies.

That’s the first truly original Zwift idea I’ve read in a long time. Very interesting concept.

You can click on vote, it does a similar tihng.

I think it would be handy for people with say an hour to spare and they want to jump on the bike and get a quick race in immediately. The crit races are so popular I’d imagine they’d load up quickly.

This has been brought up before and I agree this is an awesome feature.

I would like it if you can wait in the lobby and Zwift will gather 10-30 people around my performance level and let us race.

Zwift should have a few options and they will see how to best match to give you a race in the next 30 min.

  • Long race (>50km)

  • Medium Race (25km to 50Km)

  • Short Crit (<25km)

  • Mixed categories

  • Best performance match

We like the idea of lobby’s but I don’t know if it is presently on our roadmap for the next 12 months or so.