Load doesn't change since most recent update on PC

Hello, since the most recent update 1.41.0 Zwift app on PC, load on my bicycle doesn’t change, on elevation etc, it’s always the same.

I had this problem before when I was connecting my bike through PC straight to bike Bluetooth sensors. Found out that using Zwift companion app and connecting the bike through PC → Zwift companion → Bike sensors, fixed that. But it doesn’t work anymore, nothing works…

It’s working on any other apps without any problems.
My bike is Capital Sports Evo Track. It uses iConsole+229 BT connection.

I just tried it on my second PC still on version 1.40.0. It’s working without any issues.
Tried to uninstall on my main pc where version 1.41.0 completely with registries etc. and install again, but it didn’t fix anything.