Live GC App: Just wanting general thoughts

WIP… but thought I’d try and write a small app to take standings from a league, then show this with live race data.

The aim is to be able to see who I’m up against in the race AND in the league standings. Adds a new level of competitiveness as I know who I’m truly against (no longer just a list of “strangers” in a race).

This is where I’m at right now (very rough but concept working in principle). Picked a race and chose a random D cat user (David Axson) hence why that record is yellow (I can’t test and ride at the same time lol).

The people listed are in the same category and in the same “STAGE 4: Crit Club — Neokyo Crit Course” race as I write this.

David v Christy
Now… we can quickly see that David (199th) is 3 positions infront of Christy (202nd) in the league standings, by 3 seconds only.

We can also see that in the current live race that’s currently taking place, David and Christy are 58th and 57th (I’m working on showing the gap in the race along with distance covered).

Its highly unlikely David or Christy know that the rider beside them is actually a live opponent in the standings. With an app like this, its instantly visible.

From a personal viewpoint (hence why I’m writing this app), this would add another level of motivation to me, I can easily see who I’m against in a race and can adjust to try and catch them / pull away in the overall league.

David v Danny?
Danny Long is in 185th position, 18s ahead of David in the standings. Maybe David can chip away at that, close the gap in the standings. Maybe Danny is a bit quicker and we can’t.
Can David use Danny (who he knows might be a bit quicker), as a marker, whilst all race keeping an eye on Christy?

Just thought I’d share for general views from people viewing this thread.

Sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

Maybe change thread title to something less generic, such as “live GC app”?

Now with timings.
Bit of work needed as Boris (just below Mads) is wrong as he is indeed in the D cat for the league, but is now a C cat rider and with the C group in the race - so the gap is wrong

But (if we assume gaps / times were right), Mads would know one of his closest competitors in the league is actually racing with him, that Boris is slightly ahead in 114th position and about 200m down the road.
We really need to catch him else he’s going to overtake us in the standings

Mads can also see Steven is 13s ahead in the league and also in this race. Right now, Steven is 3s away from us in the race.
Does Mads try to catch him? Sit back and hope Steven tires? Is Steven on his own or in a group?