Live Drop In Groups

Idea: Ability to create and/or add riders to a rolling group while either in an existing meetup or free riding around Zwift

Explanation: Many times I have created a meetup with friends and had someone either sleep in late (past the 30 minutes) or someone realize after the meetup has started that they are able to join the meetup but it’s too late to send a meetup invite.

It would be great to be able to send an invite through the Companion App for a friend that is around you on the road and have them be pulled into the meetup or group that you are currently riding in, where the lead has control over the dynamics of the group.

This could work for while you’re riding in an existing meetup to allow friends who spawn in on you to join in on the meetup group (flags them as green in the sidebar and pulls them into the dynamics of the group, eg; keep together). Also could be used to create a group on the fly if you encounter friends riding around in Zwift and want to join together in an on the fly group. In some other games, especially open world racing games, this basically makes a “convoy”.