Liv Langma bike unlock

Hi Zwift,

I participated in the Women’s week Sunday Century on March 11.  The Women’s Week jersey was a nice unlock.

However, after riding the Liv Langma for 100 Km, it was a nice ride ;-).  It would be  nice if the bike remained unlocked for those participating in the Women’s Week activities.  A perk for the women Zwifting…


You should contact Langma also since they will likely be in on the decision to make it remain unlocked within Zwift. 

Like many other ‘special’ bikes, you don’t get to keep it. I really loved that Tri bike a few months ago. (Diamondback?) It is probably an option for the company, but would prob cost additional as an advertisement. 

I did love the bike and how it looked. Set a great time on the sprint as well. I think it was my best, 10.80 (with a power up)