Liv Langma bike unlock

(Lisa Stone) #1

Hi Zwift,

I participated in the Women’s week Sunday Century on March 11.  The Women’s Week jersey was a nice unlock.

However, after riding the Liv Langma for 100 Km, it was a nice ride ;-).  It would be  nice if the bike remained unlocked for those participating in the Women’s Week activities.  A perk for the women Zwifting…


(Paul Allen) #2

You should contact Langma also since they will likely be in on the decision to make it remain unlocked within Zwift. 

(Zee Kryder) #3

Like many other ‘special’ bikes, you don’t get to keep it. I really loved that Tri bike a few months ago. (Diamondback?) It is probably an option for the company, but would prob cost additional as an advertisement. 

I did love the bike and how it looked. Set a great time on the sprint as well. I think it was my best, 10.80 (with a power up)