little suggestion

(Ah Hong (C)) #1

i suggest zwift can provide “save game” tool,
this tool can use our training miles to exchange,
and as this is a cycling software, this tool.may have save time limit, maybe 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours…
this tool not only help us complete long distance training or even, and prevent computer hang or any problem that cause we lost the training/event data.

and i also wish that we can have sub account/another sub user, this sub account can have limitation also, just like only max to 50km, and get from our training miles.
this sub account can let us easy to let our friend try it, or our child/wife play it for sometime, and without broke our record in zwift.

i wish zwift can have more feature that can use our training miles to exchange it… but better not effect the reality of cycling…

thanks…wish zwift become better and better…