List of all Workout, Groupe ride and Race?

Have somebody a list with all Workout and events of the Zwift academy 2019 Women, with all date and all time?
I want plan my week and I don’t want miss any events till the academy ends.


This link – – displays the upcoming Zwift Academy Women’s 2019 events.

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Thank you for your help.
How can I do this by myself, if I’ll have the next time an other special serie of event?

Is there a list of both events and workout? I can only seem to find them on the CA, so the information is up in the Zwift Cloud somewhere, but its hit or miss.

Here is another source for just workouts:

but its only giving me 2 days worth

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Thank you Daniel for this solution.
I hope, that we will see more days in the future.

I find the calendar on Zwift Hacks better than the Zwift one especially for filtering to find specific events (just click the Zwift academy logo in the filter section)


Thank you Chris, is also a good solution!

Until now, If I had a selection like steve’s link, I copie this in a document a delete all thing, that I didn’t use. Then sort a little bit - finished.