Linux support

(Nick Pratt TV5) #1

It would be great if there was a Linux build (for some flavor or another of Linux - Centos, Ubuntu, whatever). Why?

It would save us the cost of a Windows license (thus lowering the barrier to entry)

It would inevitably be more stable - my Windows 7 box tanks almost every ride ( in addition to Zwift crashing - this is being dealt with on a support ticket already).

Given that you’re already cross compiling for a Linux/Unix clone in the form of OS X, it should only be the UI layer that needs a port.

Although, now that I write this, perhaps the larger Zwift audience isn’t going to be that tech savy, so linux builds would be for a limited few, thus of a low ROI for the Zwift team.


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Beyond the initial port, which I think would be pretty easy as you mention, theres the time cost of having to update, QA/test, and deploy 3 versions every other week vs just two. Then there’s a whole new set of graphics drivers to deal with. Given that probably less than a half of one percent of users would even try a linux version, it’s probably not on the near horizon.

If linux steam boxes become more of a thing a Zwift linux port might become a realistic option.

(Aaron Deutsch - BMTR) #3

Being that the entire premise of Linux is DIY/OpenSource/etc. it seems to me the real question is how much of the source Zwift is willing to put out there for the Linux community to finish/compile for their own versions as updates are made.

I think the Linux folks are very used to no warranty software. :slight_smile:

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #4

I agree with offering  Linux as an OS. I think that most Zwift users and cyclist in general are pretty tech savy. I also think it would be pretty easy to build a mini computer with Ant+ or BT with Zwift pre-installed with a simple user setup that people would be willing to buy. Linux OS does not need to be updated if a stable base is used. If Linux is not an option once the paid subscriptions start, it will be a no go for me.

(Gareth Hay TT1) #5

It would seem that Zwift uses no proprietary software on the Mac or Windows side, so all we are really talking about is the “launcher” wrapper app to be ported.

Given that linux heads tend to be slightly more technical, why not opensource a linux launcher and allow the community to keep it updated for the “less than a half of one percent of users” who don’t use Mac or Windows, and don’t really need the hassle of it?

(joshua kupsch) #6

Maybe a Linux port makes more sense now that there is .NET 5 on linux?

(Michael Henasey) #7

Porting software is the “easy” part.

Maintaining it, as Jon M. mentioned, is where the real long-term cost is and why software today is usually limited to only a handful of platforms.

(Gareth Hay TT1) #8

Like i said, as zwift seems to run on windows and osx and is version synced, i would imagine it is pretty platform agnostic. Both platforms use a launcher.

They could release launcher code (the osx version would be closer to linux) as opensource and allow the community to get it to work on linux. 

They are then not porting it, not supporting it and are not risking their business critical code. 

I.e. it is minimal to no cost to them to do so.

I can understand they might not want to do that, its their call, just don’t think it is technically impossible or costly to them.


But Linux users at several times more than Zwift users. Zwift community too small. 

(Cody Gunst) #10

Any possibility ZWIFT might work in WINE?

(Andrew Sinclair) #11

Seconding the vote for Linux support through SteamOS. More standardized drivers, more standardized hardware (to an extent), etc. Right now, all my beefy machines are linux based (for X-Plane, Blender, HTPC use, etc) while my macs are either old or lightweight (MB Air…). 

(Darren Smith) #12

+1 for Linux support. I would even be happy to beta test!!

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #13

Aren’t all Linux users by definition, Beta testers? I have one Windows machine that was a gaming rig that was too outdated for my son. It runs Zwift great, but it would be much nicer on my Ubuntu machines

(Gareth Hay TT1) #14

Er, Pete, WTF? “by definition”? which definition?

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #15

Sorry about that comment. I was trying to be funny. I personally prefer Linux but find a lot of the programs are a little quirky and need customization. Similar to constant Beta testing. With open source the issues usually are resolved fairly quickly.

(Conrad Dare-Edwards) #16

And another +1 for Linux. Its a pain having to have a machine dedicated to Windows just so I can play Zwift. 

(David Brinkman) #17

Would love Linux support, as my main computer runs Linux and thus I can’t use it for Zwift.

(Johan Kunnen) #18

Currently I am running Zwift on my mac-book and I like it. However it would be great to have the option of running Zwift in Linux. This way it would be possible to create a dedicated Zwift machine for in the gym at relatively low costs.

(Roman Priesol) #19

Linux port would help me a loot. I have only an old MacBook Pro (2009) and it is not powerfull enough. My primary workstation is good enough, but it runs only Linux. .NET should be officially supported, so it should not be a big problem.

(David Billings [BRT]) #20
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Needs to be a thing…I’ll even help you do it Zwift…