Link with FENIX 3

(Antonio Quinterazo) #1

I want to know if  I can link my fenix 3 with zwift to see my hear rate on screen. I have the fenix 3 version with the chestband, not the HR model.

(Paul Allen) #2

You would not use the Fenix, you would just connect the HRM directly to Zwift. The Fenix cannot act as a bridge.

What is your Zwift setup?

(Abigail Oberg) #3

Apologies for the inconvenience, but Zwift is not compatible with watches, bike computers or any other devices that only receive data such as the Fenix 3. Zwift reads data but doesn’t transmit it back. Likewise, these devices do not transmit data for Zwift to receive.

While these computers aren’t compatible with Zwift, you can utilize many of the same functions with the Zwift mobile app (which is free to download on the Apple Store and Play store for iOS and Android mobile devices).

Ride On! :slight_smile:

(Antonio Quinterazo) #4

mmm I understand, so its imposible to transmit or link just the HRM band with zwift? I dont mind to not use the watch, I just want to see the HR at the screen.

(Paul Allen) #5

Is it just a normal ANT+ Garmin HRM? If so it will work with Zwift as long as you use an ANT+ on your PC or Mac, or for IOS your best bet would be CABLE to bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth.

(Antonio Quinterazo) #6

Thanks for answering,

Is this model:


It looks like its not ant+ but im not really sure, anyway thanks for ur kindly help

(Paul Allen) #7

It seems to be Bluetooth which is weird for Garmin.

You should be able to use the Zwift Companion App to bridge the HR to a PC, or if you have a Mac, iOS device or AppleTV you should be able to connect it directly.

Can you give us a run down of your Zwift setup.

(Antonio Quinterazo) #8

Ive a elite novo force and a cadence/speed sensor, running in a imac 27 from the last year.


I dont know why now i cant select the option of doing it with the phone, i did it yesterday…


i cant select companion

(Paul Allen) #9

You need to make sure it’s not connectedness to your watch or any other device or app before trying to connect it to Zwift. Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

(Antonio Quinterazo) #10

Im on the same wifi and i still cant connect with companion… i restarted phone and mac, i dont know why today this is not running…