Link to ZwiftPower from Event details

Please add a link to ZwiftPower (ZP) event details from the Zwift event details.

Use case:

  1. I can open zwift event on website or mobile app and see a link to ZP where I can find more details (who is signed) or link to ZP live stream
  2. Similarly, when I open event results in the app post race (e.g. Android), then I can easily get to the official results

I’m not sure than your request will be agree by Zwift.
For my point of view it will be good to have full integration of functionality into Zwift. (At the end we con remove one of the two redondant support)
Unfortunately today Zwiftpower is not instantaneously refresh.
VOTE Added

Hi Martin and Lucien! Thanks for reaching out and sharing the idea!
I’d like to reassure you that I have sent the idea up to our development team!
Feedback from Zwifters like yourselves are incredibly useful in our efforts to improve not just the Zwift app, but all other aspects of the Zwifting experience, and for all members of the Zwift community.
If you have any extra feedback about Zwift, please let us know!

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This sounds like a sensible idea.

I’ll flag with my team.