Link to Zwift Resources - Megathread #2 🗺

Thanks @Freighter . Added link to DIRT’s FB group.

Also created a new “Clubs” section with the three clubs I already had. Happy to add more as they’re mentioned. Also hived off podcasts & channels into their own section.

I’m open to better ways of categorizing this.

Is there an ontologist in the house?

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Another DIRT podcast as well.

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Added! (replies must contain a minimum of 8 characters so I have continued typing)

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I can’t get over the fact that they are riding while recording and out of breath, bike noise in the background etc… I wish they would not do that.

@shooj Thanks for pinning this! :smiley:

Just updated to include a link to the list of current app versions.

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Great recap of the various resources out there! I’d take the fact that someone made it a sticky to mean Zwift is appreciative, even though they haven’t said so outwardly.

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A note for AppleTV users: I was playing with the Siri Gen2 remote today and figured out how to navigate a bit easier.

I and others have noted the difficulty in some navigation - like scrolling down the Pace Partner list results in the list staying put and your cursor (the selected partner) disappearing.

  • CLICKPAD BUTTONS: tap to move between menus/areas.
  • TOUCH SURFACE: use the full pad of your finger to slowly “drag” a menu around (making different parts visible)
  • TOUCH SURFACE: Use your finger tip in a quick “flick” to move the highlighted item.
  • CENTRE OF TOUCH SURFACE: full press to select the item that’s highlighted

Once you get it, it makes ATV way more usable. (I’d still strongly suggest using the Companion for most in game navigation)

Adding link to the discussion about the new Zwift Hub smart trainer.

Added a link to ZwiftInsider article on how to get Withings/Nokia scales to sync weight to Zwift using a (free) Fitbit account as a pass-through. NOTE: I’ve tested this personally and it works.

Hi CJ, I made a little tool to help find the right Pace Partner to train with, James suggested this might be a good place for it too.


Nice! Added!

Added link to handcycle announcement thread and removed original “pre-announcement” link.

Well, looks like the top post is once again locked. “One month” seems to be the lock time.

Zwift forum staff (@shooj ?) : is there a way to override this or are we going to have to start a new thread every month? If the latter, I’ll wait until October 1st to create the new one.

I’ll add this link to “Guide to getting useful support” thread by @Dave_ZPCMR as a comment:

Ironically I can’t edit that post either, for the same reason. It’s daft.

Workout editors:


New, monthly megathread posted here: Zwift Resource Megathread - October 2022 🗺