Like to start using workout in Zwift but like to prep my FTP


I have lost weight since my FTP test (Jan 2017) and i noticed i am having trouble keeping up with the workouts (ERG mode on) - Do i need to lower my FTP using the ratio i lost in weight (Watts/kg maintain).


300W FTP @60kg  in january 2017  =5.0 w/kg
    Now ----  dec 2017 lets say i lost 5kg [5.0w/kg x 55kg=275w] 
    DO i reduce my FTP to 275 Watts (so i can continue working out) till my next FTP

It’s probably best that you just do an FTP test again as soon as possible, nearly a year is a long time between tests. They don’t take too long to complete.

It depends on how much time you cycle and other factors but very approximately every month to six weeks is advisable. If you have an accurate FTP and weight  the you will get more accurate workouts.


Any time you like, you can just go on a tear and as long as you have twenty minutes at max power, Zwift will remember this in your ride summary. If it is higher than your best average, your FTP has risen. Multiply this number by .95 to get your FTP and enter it yourself.

It is best to keep things simple. That is all FTP is and you don’t have to jump through a hoop to see what it is. Just keep track of your best twenty minute average each time you end your ride.

I’d recommend another FTP test, that’ll be the most accurate!