lightning to hdmi and ant+

I currently use Zwift on iOS via bluetooth however my turbo (Elite Rampa) seems to have issues with controlling the resistance via bluetooth on free rides. I currently screen mirror to my tv with a lightning to HDMI adapter.

My turbo works perfect over ant+. Does anyone know if its possible to use both the lightning to HDMI adapter and the wahoo ant+ key. I’m guessing probably not?

The lightning to HDMI adpater does have an additional lightning socket for charging. I was wondering if anyone got that socket to work with a lightning to 30pin adapter with the wahoo ant+ key.


What kind of issues are you having with the rampa being controlled over bluetooth? 

It doesn’t provide enough resistance on the flat sections to the point I spin out my biggest gear (50x11). It doesn’t do this over ant+. I currently have a ticket open regarding this.

This topic is about the same problem: