Light Blue Squares behind Waterfall

Yesterday when I turned Zwift on, it did another update (that has happened a couple times in the past week). After the update everything was fine until I reached the waterfalls in the Road to Ruins ride. While behind the falls I started to see transparent light blue squares and rectangles that moved about about the display screen. Once past the falls, I never saw them again. What I have done is use the Zwift Insiders hack and turned off the auto-brightness command. I will see if that helps on my next Road to Ruins ride. If anyone has the same problem, I will report back after the next R2R ride.



I noticed some subtle changes in colour/density on my ride yesterday plus a couple of new graphics.

I was thinking the dark areas looked a little ‘washy’ but my partner said she loved them and they looked great.

So that was that - I was officially overruled - democracy  :slight_smile:

Ride On!




I tried the Road to Ruins ride with the auto-brightness turned off as stated in my previous post but the light blue squares/rectangles I saw behind the waterfalls were now just darker. If anyone has had similar issues and solved them, please post.




:slight_smile: I love the new lighting effects.

You have graphic card issues if you see artifacts. Try updating your drivers.

Started happening after the last update, it’s not the card.