Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer no longer available to connect in Run

So I’ve been away working for a while, looking forward to coming back home and getting back into my routine. I’m a recreational user, never race, too old and too unfit. That said, if I was jocking, I’d probably be on Trainer Road or Peaks. :wink:

Have been using a Tacx Neo and a Life Fitness cross trainer for Cycle and Run respectively for years, three years. The cross trainer was very good at representing run stats and let me earn badges, get motivated to use it. I’m unable to use a treadmill or street run due to bad knees. So it was fab, worked well.

Until I tried to get going with it on the weekend and after all the updates, no longer works. Shows in cycle as a connection option, but then drops out very quickly. Nothing shows at all in Run.

I guess I’m off to find an app which let me do both after all this malarky with the updates blocking stuff. Unless Zwift is happy to chop my sub in half?

If it get’s fixed, let me know. Cross Trainer on the FTMS protocol. Shame the platform is prettier but less functional. Oh, and it’s been six years now. When Rowing?

Nice to see all that juicy sub money going into gear development though. That said, what do Zwift think is more likely? Me finding an app that works with my expensive gear? Or me going out and buying expensive gear that works with Zwift…until it doesn’t because “gear sales and development goals”. Get back to the essence of Zwift and enable the world to ride on.

Very disappointing.

Ta ta for now.