(Konstantin Papushin) #1

I wonder if you considered an idea of having different levels. Right now it seems like the game is set up for a “medium” one to make it more approachable. I think one should be able to choose which level (s)he wants to ride today easy/medium/realistic so difficulty adjusts accordingly. It will allow novices to get uphill in reasonable time but you won’t be able to go up 9% grade in a big gear on a realistic level the way it works now. And level should be shown next to the player name (or use different colors/fonts). During race events this can be disabled. I guess it’s sinilar to handicap system but it’s more intuitive

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Konstantin,

We only have one map right now because it’s in beta, but we are working on adding more for sure (of varying degrees of difficulty) :slight_smile:

(Konstantin Papushin) #3

I was thinking more of allowing different people to ride the same map together. Or allowing someone to climb Mount Ventoux without dying. And so this handicap is clearly visible

(Stewart G teamWBR) #4

What you need to be careful with is that, on the Computrainer at least, it is not meant to be advisable doing long stretches at a lowish cadence with high watts as you would do on a long climb. Also when you have to drop down to the smaller ring you really need the tension to be set pretty high to avoid the wheel slipping.

I look forward to the new courses though.

(Chris Ashley B) #5

Agree with Stewart… I know from doing Hunter Allen’s ergvideo work outs he says don’t let the wheel go below 12mph… and Paul the ergvideo developer notes several times in his videos do not bog down as you may overheat the trainer… I did a long Alpine climb video the other day on my computrainer… My conti indoor trainer tire built up so much heat that its now delaminating and bubbled on the sides!!

(Jon Addington) #6

Years ago, I was attempting to climb some TDF climbs on the Computrainer. Due to the crawling speed, I put a fan directly on the load generator to keep it from overheating on the long climbs.