Level Up rewards

(James Macdonald) #1

I’m new to Zwift, but am so far enjoying it very much. It’s exactly the type of motivation I need to train indoors rather than following route videos or watching Netflix.

What I’d like to know is whether there is an “official” list anywhere of the rewards given for levelling up in the game?

The list on the guide at www.titaniumgeek.com is helpful, but does not appear to reflect my experience so far. I had 32mm carbon wheels available when I joined, for instance, and then unlocked 50mm carbon wheels at level 4.

I’d also echo comments elsewhere on here that the XP needed to reach the highest levels (and receive the corresponding rewards) appears disproportionately high, so an In App Purchase model of being able to buy additional bikes and kit with real money would be useful.


(. TomH..) #2

Hi James, 

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I’m glad you like Zwift as much as we do :slight_smile: We gave all the information to titaniumgeek guys so it should be fine, however if someone joined Zwift while in beta there might some misalignments. In your case because you’re a new Zwifter it should be all matching. Can you tell us what exactly you were expecting at what level please? 

Regarding the XP purchase, I can put it on the request list for you, but we’ve got some interesting ideas we’re working on ;) 

I hope it helps, stay tuned and Ride On!

(James Macdonald) #3

Thanks for taking the time to respond, Tom.

I don’t believe I’m missing anything as such, I reached level 5 a couple of nights back and unlocked the Specialized Allez, which accords with the titaniumgeek website. :slight_smile:

I agree to a certain extent that some rewards should only be earned. However, the reality for me (and I suspect many other riders) is that I don’t have countless hours available each week to use get on the turbo and use Zwift, meaning the very high levels will take me months to reach.

A means of by-passing these, or at least having alternative, “better” bikes and kit available with real currency would be desirable. The In-App Purchase is massive in the casual and mobile gaming market, and there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t transfer to Zwift quite easily too.

(Paul Allen) #4


So you want to take the easy way instead of earning it? 

(James Macdonald) #5

If you must be so short-sighted, yes.

Based on the titaniumgeek list, if I want my avatar to ride, say, the Madone with some Mavic rims, I’d need to amass nearly 4000km in the game. Jeez, I don’t ride that distance on the road in a year, let alone indoors on the trainer.

In reality, with a job, family and other commitments, I can probably get 50-60km in a week on the turbo, so it would take me the best part of a year and a half to reach the requisite level. Where’s the incentive in that?

There’s no doubt the hardcore that can amass that distance much more quickly, but I suspect that is very much the minority of Zwift users.

A series of purchasable bikes and kits perhaps in addition to the standard unlockables would at least keep things interesting for those of us who don’t spend their lives shut away in their pain cave! :wink:

(. TomH..) #6

Hi James, 

I hear you loud and clear and I understand that not everyone has as much time or as much power to reach 4000km in few months, however, the good ideas we’re working on I mentioned above should make it more interesting and should also partially sort issues like yours. :wink: For more details you will have to be patient, strong and relentless. 

Thanks for your enquiry, stay tuned, ride safe and Ride On :slight_smile:

(James Macdonald) #7

Thanks again Tom, that sounds encouraging. :slight_smile:

(. TomH..) #8

No problem James, Thank you! 


(Darryl B-B (C)) #9

something to add to this idea.

in the menu screen of the app, there is a rider score bar. this bar tracks your progress and shows you how much further you have to go to progress to the next level. it shows you as a bike and the next level as a present.

it would be nice if the present could reveal itself in some way as extra motivation. this could be mouse hover or click or similar. this would save having to go to the ti geek user manual. 


(# ridehungry Norseman'17) #10

I hope Zwift will continue to be strict and people needs to ride to achieve rare/new bikes of the same average of pricing and performance. This goals helps me to motivate myself to get on the saddle and push more milage everytime. When I see someone with a better bike, I know right away that he rode much more than I did, should be better than I am, and this is how it should be. On top, as in real life, there is not that much difference between bikes.

Another idea Tom, design & print your dream bike, stick it on top of the Specialized Allez on your screen and here you go. It’s your performance and progress you should look at, not how pretty is your bike.

Another idea, is to use the All-Time miles ridden on Strava, to access more bikes. So it will join outdoor and indoor time ridden to give away better bikes to overall more experienced riders.

(Joe Gerbrick (Gettysburg, PA)) #11

The only bike/kit that maters is the stuff you have in your home set-up. Everything else is a bonus. Ride On and your reward will be the satisfaction of goal achievement, fitness, and fun. The great thing about this platform is the removal of wind and judgement. 

(b bros u18) #12

I agree with #ridehungry Norseman. the leveling up process is an essential part of the game, especially for those of us who don’t have the extra $$$ to buy in-game gear. 

(michael burns) #13

i am well lets say over weight touching 50 and unfit but i find as in life there no free rides you ern what you get . and it is that motivation that gets my fat ass on the trainer. i ride a max of 15 miles in one session. (best i can do at the momant). 

if it takes me a year to ern a set of wheels then i ave somthing to aim for but at the end i would ave erned them with my sweat )